Speak Your Way to Miracles

Unlock the energetic power of your language for profound transformations in your life and business

Unlock the energetic power of your language for profound transformations in your life and business

Use the transformational power of language to find YOUR unique voice.

Speak your truth boldly in your business, life and relationships.

Mold the energy behind the language you use to create your own reality and facilitate life-changing transformations for yourself and your clients!

22nd - 24th June at 2 - 3pm (UK time) daily

(Replays will be available for 72 hours following our 3-day journey together.)

For female entrepreneurs creating revolutionary transformations; 

Change-makers committed to expanding global consciousness; 

Culture shapers who are brave enough to break through the status quo;

Coaches empowering clients to greater freedom and success; and  

Conscious leaders dedicated to excellence and highest service to their communities. 

Change Your Language, Change Your Reality

If you believe in the power of energy in your life and your business, you’ll want to harness the transformative power of language too. 

By shifting and reframing our beliefs and thoughts about ourselves and what we can and can’t do, we allow our words to facilitate the powerful language of change. 

You Are Always More Than You Think You Are. 

With simple yet effective shifts in your language, you can shift and grow your own reality. And when you implement these shifts in your business, life and relationships, you’ll facilitate even deeper transformations with your clients. 

Hello there,

We are Lenka Lutonska and Sarah Negus, co-founders of the Energetic Breakthrough Method®, a revolutionary energetic coaching certification for impact-driven entrepreneurs and coaches.

Sarah Negus

When Sarah discovered the power of energy and its role in creating a life of fulfillment and purpose, she left a multi-million dollar lifestyle with nothing but a suitcase and her young son in tow.

She then set out on a 12-year shamanic apprenticeship journey, traveling to Peru and studying with the Shamans of the Amazon forest. Today, she marries that energy with modern-day psychology as the Modern Day Shaman®, and runs an international mentoring business helping high flying leaders, startups and executives to create unbelievable results in their lives and work. She can honestly say she lives in abundance in all areas of her life.

Lenka was forced to find a new way of doing life and business when a corporate psychopath left her in the shambles of a failed business.

After months of tears, the threat of bankruptcy and almost losing her marriage, she emerged with a newfound calling to embrace her spiritual, energetic self and empower millions of women to experience wealth and success through the power of their energy.
She has now built a global training and coaching brand that guides high impact leaders and coaches around the world to scale to 6 and 7 figures and beyond!

Lenka Lutonska

We have culminated our combined 40+ years of coaching, mentoring and facilitation of energetic transformations so we can guide you in the energetics of language.

And so you can live like the magician you are in your own life!

Option One

Live experience

Get access to the LIVE Activation Experience + replays available for 72 hours.  

This option (and super-special offer) is best for you if you can attend all the sessions live, or watch the replays within a 72 hour window. The dates and times for each session are listed below.

Option Two

Live experience + keep for life

Get access to the LIVE activation experience + keep all the replays for life
This option is best for you if you would like to return to this experience again and again with each calling for further leap. You will also have much bigger flexibility as to when to watch the sessions, in case you cannot make the live session times.
£297  £97

You Have Incredible Power Within You

And you’re probably not even aware of it! 

If you feel you have a message for the World that will impact the lives and businesses of many but feel that you can’t speak it due to fear….

If you can see the potential in your clients but struggle to help them access that potential through your sessions together…

If you use mantras and affirmations a lot but they don’t bring the results you’d like them to…

If you feel that you are censoring your own language and want your authentic voice to come out – to be heard powerfully through every aspect of your life and business…

It is time to unlock the energetic power of your language.

the results:

You’ll attract fully aligned clients who respond to the energy of your authentic voice.

You’ll overcome the limiting beliefs and blocks that have been holding you back from the aligned action you want to take to move your business and life forward.

You’ll facilitate mind blowing transformations in your clients as they overcome their limiting beliefs – with the powerful shifts that happen by reframing limiting language.

You’ll access the true power that mantras can bring by understanding the secret ingredients that make changes happen effectively.

Content Breakdown

Here’s How It Will All Happen:

 Day One ~ Your Words and Their Magic
Wednesday, 22nd June at 2 – 3pm UK time

Recognise the full power that your language has to transform your life (and your clients’ lives). Get tangible ways to start using that powerful language right away. 

Day Two ~ Release Your Voice and Its Miraculous Impact
Thursday, 23rd June at 2 – 3pm UK time

Learn to speak your full, unfiltered truth. No more changing for other people’s expectations. No more second-guessing your message and your marketing. 

Day Three ~ The Hidden Secrets of Effective Mantras
Friday, 24th June at 2 – 3pm UK time

Find out why your use of mantras and affirmations haven’t gotten you the results you’ve been hoping for. Learn how to use them to rewrite your physical reality – whether that’s your finances, relationships or business success. 

✧✧✧ Each day will include a consciousness journey, where we’ll take you deep within to embed the principles into your energy so you can embody the changes in your life from here on out.

It’s Time to Open up to YOUR Voice

Use it to speak your truth in your business, life and relationships.

Take advantage of language as an extension of your energy and mold it to change and create your reality.

If you’re ready to design your reality through transformational language